Irradiated Panda Films
Irradiated Panda is a Toronto based independant film production company. Founded by Matthew Carvery and Charles Barangan. Our mission is to tell stories while creating quality entertainment that spans multiple formats and mediums. We firmly believe that a good story is a good story whether it's told on the big screen, television, the web or any other content delivery device that may become available.
Matthew Carvery

Matthew started producing on the second season of Clutch where he learned the ins and outs of producing. under the guidance of Clutch creator Jonathan Robbins. As a writer, he, together with Charles co-created the series Asset as well as The Hood and is currently involved with the development of a Clutch spin-off centering on the character Hatch. Matthew has spent much of his film career in front of the camera rather than behind it. He can be seen in the critically acclaimed "Hitlerís Canadians", the award winning short "Zombie Jesus", and the short thriller "Chance". He is also an active member of the Toronto Web Series Community, and in addition to Clutch has appeared in the series "The Gate" and "Pete Winning and the Pirates".
Charles Barangan

Originally from in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Charles Barangan's work can be found across the globe in as far reaches as Australia. A graduate of broadcasting school, he has made the jump from on camera to behind it and enjoys both watching and creating for the screen. He enjoys travelling abroad, games, volunteer work and comic books. He now resides in Toronto, Ontario with his 2 Leopard geckos, Nick and September.
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Please note that, for legal reasons, we cannot accept unsolicited scripts or story ideas, and that all such submissions will be deleted unread.

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Irradiated Panda is involved with the creation and production of several projects in the Toronto area.
Irradiated Panda team members Matthew Carvery and Charles Barangan have both written for the second season of the web series Clutch. Recently Irradiated Panda launched the first web series under it's own imprint; "Asset", and is currently entering pre-production for Asset's second season.

Irradiated Panda is also currently developing several other projects such as "Hood" and, "Chomp", and is open to partnerships to help realize those ideas.

Asset is an action adventure web series. Eric's high school girlfriend, Nadja, is now the wife of Kazimir Lazerey, a Russian arms dealer, and neophyte C.I.A analyst Julia Carlyle plans to use this relationship to take down Kazimir's weapons cartel. The unwilling spy Eric tries to suppress his re-ignited feelings for Nadja while uncovering her husband's deepest secrets, but will Eric be able to even survive, let alone succeed, when he's unequipped and untrained to handle the world of espionage?

Irratiated Panda Contribution: Creators
Format: 7.5 min episodes for web. Interactive content through website.
Status: Currently airing exclusively on
The Hood

The Hood is a dramatic modern day retelling of Robin Hood. Set in the fictional innercity district of Nottingham Heights, Afgan war soldier Robert Loxley returns home to find his father has been murdered, and the corrupt police force is protecting the man that did it. Gathering a group of those hit hardest by the police corruption he takes a stand against them and the mob bosses that are pulling their strings.

Irratiated Panda Contribution: Creators
Format: 1h (42 min) Drama for TV.
Status: Currently entertaining offers.

Chomp is a comedy/horror series about four friends living on the wrong side of the quarantine zone after the zombie apocolypse. When one of them is bitten, they have to make their way across the zombie infested neighborhood to try and get their hands on the cure before it's too late.

Irratiated Panda Contribution: Creators
Format: 5 -10 min episodes for web.
Status: Currently entertaining offers.

Hatch is a spin off from the Clutch universe.

Irratiated Panda Contribution: Writers
Format: 6 min episodes for web.
Status: In pre-production
Clutch is an alt-femme fatale series about Kylie, a pickpocket who is offered up to the mob when her boyfriend won't pay his debts. With the help of a fellow thief, whom she meets while picking his pocket, she plots to steal from her would be oppressor, ruthless mob boss Marcel, by posing as his dominatrix.

Irratiated Panda Contribution: Writers, Co-producers
Format: 5 -15 min episodes for web.
Status: Airing at
Irradiated Panda collaberates with several other Canadian production companies in the interest of producing quality entertainment.

JLeaver Productions
Winning Swashbuckler Productions